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ProDentim is an oral health supplement ingested orally, specifically targeting the intricate realm of oral bacteria. Your mouth hosts numerous beneficial bacteria, and ProDentim endeavors to support their proliferation.

Within ProDentim candy, approximately 3.5 billion probiotic microorganisms, alongside diverse plant-derived components, nutrients, and minerals, are included. Crafted to rejuvenate and invigorate gum and dental tissues, this formulation harnesses the power of natural plant ingredients.

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Why Choose ProDentim Formula?

Sugar Defender FDA Approved
FDA Approved

The production facility for ProDentim supplement has received approval from the FDA.

Sugar Defender 100% Natural Gutvita

ProDentim offers an effective method for weight loss due to its composition of entirely natural and gluten-free ingredients, ensuring its efficacy as a solution.

Sugar Defender Made In The USA
Made In The USA

The ProDentim supplement is made in the USA.

Sugar Defender GMP Certified

ProDentim Official Website utilizes premium-grade ingredients that adhere to rigorous quality criteria. Our products undergo certification by GMP, guaranteeing compliance with pharmaceutical-grade standards.

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Life-Changing Results!

Previously, I struggled with issues like bad breath and unhealthy gums. However, my situation took a positive turn when I stumbled upon information about the ProDentim supplement on an online platform. Remarkably, within just a month of using it, I noticed significant improvements in my oral health. Opting for this supplement proved to be a wise decision.


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Highly Recommend!

Before trying ProDentim, I experimented with around twelve other oral care supplements. What sets ProDentim apart is its entirely natural composition. Having experienced its benefits firsthand, I am genuinely satisfied and wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone seeking a natural oral care solution.


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My bad breath used to repel my friends, causing them to keep their distance. It became a noticeable issue, leading to social discomfort. Fortunately, upon the recommendation of a close friend, I decided to give ProDentim a try. Purchasing it from the official website, I experienced a remarkable improvement in my breath for the first time in many years.

What Is ProDentim Supplement?


Maintaining optimal dental hygiene is crucial for overall well-being. Enter ProDentim Dental Formula – a cutting-edge oral probiotic supplement enriched with 3.5 billion beneficial bacteria and five proven nutrients. This unique blend serves to fortify gum and tooth health by enhancing the population of beneficial bacteria in the oral cavity.

ProDentim UK Dietary Supplements feature a diverse array of beneficial bacterial strains extensively researched for their efficacy. Our capsules are formulated to bolster gum and tooth resilience while combatting the adverse effects of factors detrimental to dental health. Conventional oral care products like toothpaste and mouthwash may inadvertently disrupt the balance of oral bacteria, underscoring the need for a supplementary approach.

ProDentim is meticulously crafted to augment the population of beneficial bacteria, mitigate harmful agents, and maintain oral moisture levels. By fostering a harmonious equilibrium of healthy bacteria, ProDentim aids in the breakdown of food particles and eradication of deleterious bacteria, thus averting potential oral complications. The supplement maintains a neutral pH, conducive to the proliferation of beneficial bacteria, thereby promoting tooth and gum strength.

ProDentim is suitable for individuals of all ages and health statuses, offering a universal solution for oral care and maintenance.

More About ProDentim

ProDentim prioritizes dental and gum health, recognizing the interconnectedness between oral hygiene and overall wellness. Introducing a supplement infused with probiotic microorganisms, ProDentim aims to bolster dental health.

This supplement not only aids in teeth whitening, courtesy of its malic acid content, but also serves as a preventive measure against gum disease, fostering a confident smile. Each chewable tablet is enriched with vital vitamins and minerals essential for oral health maintenance.

ProDentim extends its benefits beyond oral care to gut health. With the inclusion of four different plant extracts and minerals, the supplement combats bad breath and fosters a healthy gut ecosystem. It addresses not only dental concerns but also encompasses the entirety of the digestive system.

Remarkably, ProDentim contributes to respiratory health as well. By incorporating substances that alleviate blockages and promote beneficial oral bacteria, it sustains a balanced oral environment.

ProDentim Pill takes pride in its ability to combat gum inflammation with components such as Lactobacillus Reuteri and peppermint. Regular usage can mitigate gum inflammation, eliminate bad breath, and reduce the risk of oral and gum diseases.

ProDentim's oral health supplement provides a natural avenue for enhancing teeth and gum health. With ingredients like inulin, malic acid, peppermint, and Lactobacillus Reuteri, it synergistically supports dental health and improves oral hygiene.

Embraced by a global user base, ProDentim offers an affordable dental care solution. The mechanism is straightforward – as the soft tablet is chewed, it releases five probiotic strains and five active substances into the oral cavity. These strains, including Lactobacillus paracasei, Lactobacillus reuteri, and Bifidobacterium lactis, fulfill distinct roles in promoting gum health, maintaining sinus openness, and enhancing overall respiratory tract and immune system function. ProDentim presents an accessible and comprehensive approach to dental care.

How Does ProDentim Works?

ProDentim harnesses the potency of microscopic organisms to promote oral health. Each tablet contains 3.5 billion beneficial bacteria working synergistically to maintain optimal oral hygiene.

Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, ProDentim Capsules address a myriad of oral concerns, yielding positive outcomes.

ProDentim's targeted action directly benefits the gums, fortifying tooth roots and facilitating more successful social interactions.

Regular use of ProDentim not only bolsters the immune system but also provides protection against illnesses, thanks to its antioxidant content, naturally strengthening immunity.

By supplementing gut bacteria with beneficial strains, ProDentim promotes improved gut health and facilitates better digestion, as reported by many satisfied users on the official website.

Combatting harmful oral bacteria, ProDentim effectively tackles dry mouth, dental issues, and halitosis, recognizing the interconnectedness of oral health with digestion and the immune system.

By fostering the growth of beneficial oral bacteria through probiotics, ProDentim enhances overall oral health. Slowly chewing one tablet each morning is optimal for holistic benefits to the body, gums, and teeth.

Each bottle contains thirty pills, with a recommended daily intake of one tablet, typically in the morning, ensuring a month's supply. For optimal outcomes, consistent usage for at least six months is advised, with noticeable improvements in teeth, gums, and breath within a week.

ProDentim not only addresses existing gum issues but also prevents future occurrences. It serves as a prudent choice for respiratory health, addressing problems and averting respiratory issues.

✔ ProDentim Supplement reinforces dental health by securely bonding teeth and maintaining their firm anchorage in the gums.

✔The ProDentim Supplement strengthens tooth enamel, establishing a protective barrier against germs and preventing their infiltration into the gums. Regular use effectively eliminates harmful oral bacteria, reducing the risk of dental problems.

✔ Experience swift enhancement in oral health with ProDentim Pills. Bid farewell to harmful microorganisms, ensuring cavity-free teeth and indulging in favorite treats without worry.

Benefits of ProDentim Supplement

ProDentim pills are made to help your teeth by combining important vitamins and minerals. This special mix is created to prevent toothaches, gum issues, and periodontal disease. The pills support a healthy mix of bacteria in your mouth, giving you an easy and effective way to keep your teeth in good shape. Just chew one pill in the morning to get these benefits.

ProDentim functions akin to a probiotic supplement, reintroducing beneficial bacteria into your mouth. This aids in cavity prevention and enhances gum health.

Incorporating ProDentim into your daily regimen offers numerous benefits, making it a valuable addition to your comprehensive oral care routine.

  • ProDentim is enriched with potent antioxidants that effectively eliminate detrimental toxins from your gums, body, and teeth.
  • ProDentim supplement has the potential to significantly reduce expenses associated with costly dental treatments, offering potential savings.
  • ProDentim aids in the elimination of plaque, tartar, and cavities, thereby promoting the enhancement of your oral health.
  • ProDentim assists in the removal of plaque, tartar, and cavities, contributing to the enhancement of your oral health.
  • ProDentim is a reputable and well-established brand with a long-standing presence in the industry.
  • ProDentim effectively addresses bad breath and various oral health issues.
  • ProDentim is dedicated to ensuring optimal dental care, maintaining oral health, and promoting fresh breath.
  • ProDentim provides you with shiny, strong, and white teeth, instilling a sense of confidence and happiness.
  • ProDentim attends to both your gums and teeth, ensuring their health and brightness.
  • ProDentim functions on both teeth and gums, ensuring they attain the proper shape.
  • ProDentim aids in maintaining a healthy and stable mouth environment.
  • ProDentim contributes to the improvement of gum health by providing a robust boost to strengthen cells.
  • Prodentim stops bad breath.
  • ProDentim eliminates bad breath by cleansing the interior of your mouth.
  • ProDentim assists in removing plaque from both your teeth and tongue.
  • ProDentim improves the condition of your gums, preventing them from shrinking.
  • ProDentim aids in reducing nerve sensitivity, facilitating smoother movement of your teeth and jaw.
  • Prodentim makes chewing easier.
  • ProDentim assists in alleviating pain, swelling, and redness resulting from inflammation.
  • Prodentim averts the staining of teeth.

ProDentim Customers Reviews


Verified Purchase ✅

Life-Changing Results!

I'm delighted with the positive impact ProDentim supplements have had on my gums and breath. Thanks to ProDentim, my gums have improved significantly, and I no longer worry about bad breath. Thank you, ProDentim!


Verified Purchase ✅

Highly Recommend!

Upon my dentist's recommendation, I opted for ProDentim due to persistent gum pain and subpar tooth condition. After a month of use, I've noticed remarkable improvements in both areas. I'm pleased with the enhanced feel of my teeth and gums.


Verified Purchase ✅

Back to an Active Lifestyle!

Previously, my daughter struggled with bleeding and swollen gums during brushing due to poor gum health. However, after discovering ProDentim, the difference has been remarkable. I decided to introduce it to her oral care routine, and it has worked wonders. Thanks to ProDentim, my daughter no longer experiences gum pain or bleeding during brushing.


Verified Purchase ✅

Life-Changing Results!

Investing in ProDentim is truly worthwhile. While there are numerous oral health supplements on the market, ProDentim stands out. In just three weeks, I noticed significant improvements. The unpleasant odor from my mouth disappeared, and my gum pain decreased substantially. If you're facing similar issues, I highly recommend giving this product a try.


Verified Purchase ✅

Highly Recommend!

When my mom confided in me about her gum problem, I turned to online resources and decided to purchase ProDentim for her. It has made a remarkable difference for her, and she's now on her third bottle. She intends to continue using ProDentim because of its effectiveness.


Verified Purchase ✅

Back to an Active Lifestyle!

Previously, I suffered from severe toothaches while eating, but upon my friend's recommendation, I decided to try ProDentim. Now, my tooth pain has vanished, and I can enjoy my meals without any discomfort.

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On Every ProDentim Order Get 60-Days Money-Back Guarantee


We have full confidence in the effectiveness of ProDentim and we stand behind our product. To ensure your satisfaction, we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you're not pleased with ProDentim or encounter any issues, simply inform us through our website. We will promptly process your refund within 48 hours of receiving the returned items, even if the bottles are empty.

Your confidence in trying ProDentim is important to us, and we prioritize your satisfaction.


Ingredients - ProDentim Supplement

Every ProDentim capsule contains a proprietary blend of 3.5 billion beneficial bacteria and natural ingredients. We meticulously craft this supplement with a unique combination of all-natural components to ensure its efficacy and safety.

Our commitment is to utilize only the finest ingredients in ProDentim. We source them from farmers dedicated to avoiding harmful chemicals. This ensures the purity and high quality of the ingredients in ProDentim.


Lactobacillus Paracasei

ProDentim harnesses the power of Lactobacillus Paracasei as its primary ingredient, a beneficial bacteria naturally found in the mouth and throat. This specific strain plays a crucial role in maintaining dental health by combating bad breath, preventing cavities and plaque buildup, and aiding in the prevention of gingivitis, tooth decay, and gum disease. The ProDentim sweets contain this unique Lactobacillus strain, which produces lactic acid. This acid is highly effective in inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria in the mouth, thereby promoting dental health.


Another essential ingredient in ProDentim is Peppermint. Peppermint is renowned for its natural ability to freshen breath. It contains special compounds that combat the bacteria responsible for bad breath (halitosis). Thus, consuming peppermint candies can naturally freshen your breath, even in the absence of brushing your teeth or using mouthwash. Peppermint also provides a pleasant, cooling sensation on the tongue and throat, which can be particularly soothing after consuming spicy, sweet foods, or alcohol.

For individuals experiencing acid reflux or heartburn, having peppermints readily available can offer quick relief without the need for medication. Peppermints are typically available in small, rapidly dissolving candies and act as natural pain relievers. Consuming them regularly, especially before bedtime, has been shown to alleviate headaches and migraines, often surpassing the effectiveness of many over-the-counter drugs.

B.lactis BL-04

ProDentim incorporates a unique probiotic known as B.lactis BL-04, which offers significant benefits for dental health. This probiotic, belonging to the Lactobacillus family, not only aids in digestion by breaking down food but also provides positive effects for oral health. One notable feature of ProDentim is its chewable form, allowing for easy consumption without the need for swallowing.
Furthermore, ProDentim is enriched with xylitol, a natural sweetener derived from birch trees. Xylitol helps regulate bad breath by managing sulfur levels in the mouth. BL-04 has demonstrated effectiveness in reducing bad breath associated with excessive sulfur.
Emerging research suggests that BL-04 may also play a role in cavity prevention by enhancing saliva production and reducing plaque accumulation on teeth. However, further studies are needed to confirm these findings.
In addition to promoting oral well-being, ProDentim supports gum health by bolstering the immune system to combat infections.

Tricalcium Phosphate

ProDentim incorporates tricalcium phosphate, a mineral with antacid properties, which effectively reduces the likelihood of developing cavities, combats bad breath, and promotes overall dental health. This mineral serves as a safer alternative to harsh ingredients commonly found in regular toothpaste, such as triclosan and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).

Malic Acid

ProDentim contains Malic acid, a natural compound found in various fruits and vegetables like apples, pears, melons, grapes, and cranberries. Malic acid is also involved in the production of citric acid. Beyond its culinary uses, Malic acid is utilized in the creation of sugar substitutes like sorbitol and mannitol, as well as in various medications.


ProDentim incorporates inulin in its formula, derived from chicory roots, serving as a natural prebiotic. Inulin is a type of sugar chain that remains undigested by the body, passing through the digestive system without absorption. Notably, inulin acts as a prebiotic in ProDentim, fostering the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut. Our bodies host a myriad of microorganisms, forming an ecosystem crucial for digestion, disease prevention, and even mood enhancement. While beneficial bacteria are advantageous, an overabundance of harmful ones in the stomach can lead to issues such as digestive disorders or immune disorders like asthma and allergies.

Lactobacillus Reuteri

Moreover, ProDentim includes Lactobacillus Reuteri, a beneficial bacteria commonly found in yogurt and other fermented foods. This bacteria thrives within our bodies and can effectively aid in addressing gum disease and bad breath. Its mechanisms include reducing plaque buildup, promoting gum health, and imparting a fresher breath.

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ProDentim Frequently Asked Questions

Can ProDentim supplements cause any bad effects?

ProDentim is a natural and safe product that, when used as directed, poses no harm. It resembles a candy but offers benefits such as addressing issues like bad breath, plaque, and gingivitis. It's essential to note that ProDentim is not classified as a medicine or drug.

For individuals who are pregnant or breastfeeding, caution is advised as there is insufficient information regarding the safety of ProDentim. Similarly, if you have underlying health conditions like diabetes or Crohn's disease, consulting your doctor before using ProDentim is advisable, as it may impact your treatment plan.

Is ProDentim like toothpaste or mouthwash?

ProDentim is distinct from regular toothpaste or mouthwash – it provides unique care for your teeth and gums by supplying essential vitamins, minerals, and prebiotics daily. These components collaborate to ensure optimal oral health.

Think of ProDentim candies as superheroes for your teeth. They contain Bifidobacterium longum probiotics, akin to little soldiers combating cavities and bad breath. Additionally, they feature calcium carbonate, which aids in cavity prevention and maintains a beneficial balance of oral bacteria. It's akin to a team of nutrients working in concert to promote a healthy and happy mouth.

Can you explain in simple terms how ProDentim's probiotics, especially Lactobacillus Paracasei, help stop tooth decay?

ProDentim includes Lactobacillus Paracasei, a beneficial microorganism that helps prevent tooth decay. The microorganisms in ProDentim combat harmful bacteria, reducing the risk of cavities and plaque formation. However, it's worth noting that Lactobacillus paracasei also produces enzymes that can degrade carbs and starches, potentially harming teeth. Regular use of ProDentim is beneficial for teeth and aids in cavity prevention.

What do the experts think about the ProDentim supplement?

Many dental experts endorse ProDentim for maintaining oral health. Formulated with natural ingredients and minimal side effects, it is deemed safe for individuals of all ages. These dental chews address various tooth issues and promote overall oral health. ProDentim aids in balancing mouth pH, preventing tooth decay, supporting enamel growth, and combating bad breath caused by oral bacteria.

How does ProDentim supplement work?

Traditionally, dental issues were attributed to harmful bacteria. However, recent scientific revelations suggest that oral health imbalances are often caused by a deficiency of beneficial bacteria.

Many conventional dental products contain harmful ingredients that can disrupt the population of beneficial microorganisms. Interestingly, teeth can remain healthy even when exposed to substances like chocolate for extended periods.

Maintaining dental health requires reintroducing beneficial bacteria into the mouth and fostering an environment conducive to their growth.

This is where ProDentim shines. Developed by a medical professional, it comprises a unique blend of five scientifically validated and potent strains, providing 3.5 billion beneficial bacteria in a distinctive dissolvable candy form.

However, ProDentim isn't solely beneficial for dental care. This probiotic candy also offers advantages for the respiratory system, aiding in allergy prevention. Additionally, it can enhance sleep quality and promote proper digestion.

What if ProDentim Supplement doesn't give the results you hoped for in improving your oral health?

As we witness more positive outcomes with ProDentim, our optimism about its remarkable benefits continues to grow. However, recognizing that individual responses may vary, we cannot guarantee universal efficacy.

To provide assurance and confidence to our customers, we offer a 60-day money-back guarantee with every ProDentim bottle. If you're dissatisfied with the results for any reason, simply return the unused portion within 60 days, and we'll issue a full refund without any queries.

How does ProDentim supplement get shipped?

Despite the recent surge in global orders, we remain committed to prompt service. Orders are dispatched within 24 hours on any weekday, and customers receive an email containing a tracking number for convenient monitoring. Typically, deliveries within the same country arrive within 5 to 10 days.

What scientific evidence backs the creation of ProDentim supplement?

ProDentim is grounded in robust scientific research and boasts numerous positive reviews. The selection of ingredients is meticulously informed by this research, and they are combined in therapeutic proportions to maximize efficacy. Notably, Lactobacillus Paracasei, a key ingredient, is supported by substantial scientific evidence endorsing its potential benefits for overall dental health. Studies underscore the significant role of this bacterium in dental and digestive wellness.

Recognizing the scientific merits of Lactobacillus Paracasei, the creators of ProDentim have integrated it into their formula. Another pivotal ingredient, B.lactis, also enjoys scientific validation for its positive influence on maintaining optimal dental hygiene. Research suggests that this probiotic strain naturally fortifies teeth and gums while fostering a healthy oral microbiota.

BLIS M-18, an integral component of ProDentim, is renowned for its superior benefits in enhancing gastrointestinal and dental conditions. Beyond tooth health, it contributes to microbiota balance without adverse effects. Studies even indicate its favorable impact on mood and cognitive functions. In summary, each ingredient in ProDentim is substantiated by robust scientific support, rendering it a premier choice for enhancing oral health through well-established mechanisms.

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